About the Studio


How does yoga work? Here's a simple explanation:

When we choose awareness and presence, we are living yoga, thus our practice is in the way we breathe each breath.  Through focus on the breath we become aware of our posture and ultimately open more fully to the breath.  As we create more space in the body for breath, we become aware of the relationship between body, breath, mind, and Spirit.  As we align our physical body we also align ourselves with the healing gift of the breath and with our higher purpose, and our awareness expands.  Each moment, each breath is an opportunity to get to know yourself and to strengthen all of the connections among the different aspects of the self to become fully integrated, balanced, and healed whole and complete. Yoga is relationship, yoga is connection.  



Each moment is yoga whether we are aware of it or not, and yet at the same time we can turn each moment to our advantage by CONSCIOUSLY turning each moment into yoga.  

A profound transformation occurs every single time you choose yoga, every single time you choose balance in your life.  From my perspective, all healing modalities are yoga, as well as all aspects of life which can be consciously experienced as yoga/perfect balance/perfect peace.

It is my joy to share and LIVE yoga.  Come and practice with me!

Love and hugs,