Sacred Sound Yoga Weekly Schedule Overview

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Please Note:

Online class booking applies only to classes with Rosie. Classes with other instructors are not included and must be paid separately.


How to Book Your Yoga Class

  1. Figure out which class you’d like to sign up for! You can read descriptions below under the individual class sections or on this page here. Please note the schedule above to see when your class is! Some classes are only on specific days, whereas other classes are on multiple days. To go back to the home page with all the classes listed, click the class title and description of the class at the top. Please note: some classes are the same, but have different titles. For example, Sunday Morning Kundalini Yoga is the same as Wednesday’s Kundalini Yoga, but for scheduling purposes they needed to be called separate names. So, if you were to click on Kundalini Yoga in the scheduler below, you would not see Sunday Morning Kundalini Yoga since it is scheduled under a different name.

  2. Once you’ve decided what class you would like to take, click on the applicable class name below!

  3. Select your date and time! The dates available for the specific class are highlighted in black while the other days are grey. You can toggle through different months at the top of the calendar. After you click the date, you will see the time of the class and then the word “Continue” pops out to the right in pink. Click continue. Please note: Rosie typically schedules classes out several weeks to months in advance, so if you don’t see classes listed beyond a certain date, don’t worry! Classes will be added to the schedule in due time.

  4. If you would like to sign up for multiple of the same class, instead of clicking “Continue,” click “Add a Time.” You may then go back to the calendar and select more dates for the class that you would like to take. At this time we can only support multiple bookings of one class type. If you would like to register for multiple classes that are different, unfortunately you will have to register class by class for now. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  5. Fill out the applicable information and redeem a coupon code if you have one! This is where you would add your code if you have purchased a class pack or otherwise. Click continue.

  6. Enter your payment information (this won’t be necessary if you have applied a coupon) and click continue. Ta da! All done!

If for whatever reason the online booking app is not loading below, you can also sign up here:

Sacred Sound Yoga Online Booking


Sacred Sound Yoga Cancellation + Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a yoga class, 12 hours notice is required.

To cancel a healing appointment, 24 hours notice is required.

Refund Policy

Monthly memberships, class packs, and gift certificates are all non-refundable.

Single classes, Reiki and Crystal Healing appointments are refundable as long as they fall within cancellation policy requirements.