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“Reiki can radically shift your life, heal it, transform it, and give you everything that you ever wanted in life.”

- Grandmaster Nalin Nirula

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What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient healing method which utilizes the Universal Life Force Energy to bring health and harmony to body, mind, and spirit.  A Reiki practitioner is simply a conduit for the Reiki energy.  


Rei” - Spiritual consciousness/wisdom from God or your Higher Self

Ki”- Life force energy, also known as chi or prana.  Ki is life.  


This free-flowing, loving energy opens and balances the chakras and energy pathways to create optimal energy flow, removing energy blocks and tension which prevent peace within oneself and in relationship to the Universe.  With respect and gratitude for the body’s wisdom, we understand that illness is the body’s way of getting rid of dis-ease.  This awareness can shift us from resistance to compassion in the healing process.  To heal means to make whole.

Reiki is wonderful for:

Strengthening, repairing and replenishing the physical body

Pain relief, chronic illness and chronic fatigue

Replenishing and revitalizing the life force, resulting in increased energy and well-being, peace, acceptance, happiness and self love

Healing sexuality and fertility

Stress relief and relaxation

Support in times of change and crisis

Creative expression, life purpose and opening intuition

Healing emotional blocks which restrict energy flow and lead to dis-ease

Depression, addictions, releasing old “stuck” energy patterns, thoughts and behaviors

Balancing/healing and rewiring the brain, the electrical system and the elements within the electrical system

Energetic and physiological re-coding at DNA and molecular levels

Balancing the endocrine system (glands and hormones)

Shifting and healing relationships and communication in general

Spiritual empowerment and transformation, growth, expansion and stability in the process

Reiki supports and enhances other healing modalities such as psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga, meditation, and conventional medical treatments.

*Every Reiki session is different depending on the needs of the person receiving the healing. Rosie may intuitively choose to include crystal healing, psychic energy healing, sound healing, and/or yoga and Ayurvedic concepts.


Reiki Attunements + Classes | Why Learn Reiki?

There is nothing more empowering than learning to take responsibility for your own healing process and situation in life.  Although everyone has a natural Reiki connection from birth, when you receive a Reiki attunement from a Reiki master/teacher you are reconnected with the Source of your spiritual inner strength, and the flow is opened up like a faucet so you can channel the cosmic life force energy for healing yourself and others.  There are three levels of attunements which must be received and integrated into your life to become a Reiki master, and a fourth attunement and extensive training to become a teacher.  Rosie offers all levels of attunements in the traditional Usui method as well as additional attunements to the Aquarian symbols as channeled and taught by her teacher, Diane Herold.  Each level of training involves learning different healing techniques which expand your healing abilities.  Reiki enhances meditation and opens up the third eye, increasing psychic sensitivity and awareness.  The attunement process is guided by God-consciousness and may also be assisted by guides and spiritual beings.  Being a Reiki healer is a life-long path of spiritual empowerment and enlightenment in which you evolve into your Higher Self.

Love is everything, and everything is Love.

Come, see yourself as you are.



One Hour Reiki Sessions with Rosie - $70

Energy Space Clearing (for Home, Land, Office, etc.) - $70/hr

One Hour Reiki/Crystal Healing Sessions with Rosie - $70

Attunement Prices Vary Depending on Level of Attunement - Please Inquire


Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare