In depth class descriptions are listed below the schedule overview.

2019 Sacred Sound Weekly Schedule

Kundalini Yoga

“Yoga of Awareness” is an integrative, simultaneous practice of all eight limbs of yoga and all 108 forms of yoga, thus recognized as the fastest path of transformation, enlightenment, the path of the Sun.  This “science of the whole person” uplifts your consciousness, clears and opens the chakras, tunes up the 72,000 nerves in preparation for meditation and holding more light. Balances the glands and hormones, strengthens and energizes all body systems.

inner space Reiki yoga

Group Reiki healing-infused meditative yoga led by experienced Reiki Master Teacher Rosie Rain balances the chakras, glands and hormones as well as ALL body systems for harmonic alignment with nature, Spirit, true purpose, all existence. An inner journey experience of your true self as the infinity of your Soul while opening to the breath, clearing energy and creating space within the physical body for increased energy flow. Accompanied by Rosie Rain’s original space music and Venus gong healing.

Venus Gong Bath Meditation and Gentle Yoga

This cozy restorative class begins with gentle yoga centering and grounding followed by deep relaxation gong meditation, an ancient purification practice which can access deep states of consciousness to clear the subconscious and meridians/nadis, opening one’s connection with Spirit.  Gong healing enhances circulation and strengthens the nervous and glandular systems, among a myriad of other health benefits. Journey deeper within to free up your life force energy and creativity.

Healing Yoga

Extremely relaxing, effortless meditative yoga integrating deep breathing, prayerful meditation, and the simplest of yoga postures which facilitate heart opening and emotional release for deep healing.  This uplifting and supportive class is open to everyone and highly recommended for depression and anxiety, trauma and PTSD, as well as addiction. This is a time to feel what’s going on inside, love and accept yourself as you are, and return to your true self, your Sat Nam. Includes gong healing savasana. “Return again, return again, return to the land of your soul.”

Prenatal Yoga with Sound Healing

This class will strengthen you and inspire you as well as prepare you for birth physically and spiritually.  Relax into the Divine Feminine that you are! Meditative, gentle yoga safe for all stages of pregnancy, led by experienced prenatal yoga teacher Rosie Rain. This class is only available as a private session and can be purchased for $70 in the “Purchase” portion of this website.

restorative yoga for peace and joy

Extremely gentle, slow paced, restorative yoga encourages flexibility and healing while building strength, with modifications available.  Detoxifies the body and mind, clears and opens the chakras. Restorative yoga is a meditative, slow-paced intuitive sequence of long-held yoga postures and breathing exercises focused on rejuvenation through connection with the source of infinite inner peace, unwinding the body and mind. Through sacred ancient yogic practices the mind is brought to a state of stillness/neutrality, which is the fertile state of all possiblity and creativity. Become nothing to become everything, shuniya. Gong bath relaxation meditation included for nervous system repair and whole body healing.  

Yoga Tune Up

As an instrument of the Divine, it is important to take the time to tune ourselves just like we would do with any other instrument.  This intuitively guided essential yoga practice is an “improvisational flow from the heart,” listening to what we need today/in this moment to come into balance and raise our vibration.  At times a meditative vinyasa, other times cultivating stillness. Full body, mind, and spirit toning and strengthening followed by gong bath savasana for integration and healing.

Musical Yoga for Children

Now available as a private session only, or as a private party with friends, learn the foundations of yoga through playful interactive music and movement circle, drumming the way we feel, sharing stories, fun with puppets, a brief music lesson and meditation, breathing exercises, and sound/energy healing relaxation.  A garden of kindness, connection, love and compassion. Stuffed animals welcome! Sessions can be purchased for $50 in the “Purchase” portion of this website.


BYOB Playgroup Mom and Baby Yoga

Available as a private party only, bring your own baby, bring your own breast milk.  Gentle yoga focused on bonding with your infant while getting to know other moms and their babies. Relaxed playgroup atmosphere, siblings welcome. Let’s celebrate motherhood and get stronger together! To schedule a mom and baby yoga party contact Rosie.

Express Harmony Yoga

This class is designed for people with a busy schedule, with the intention of offering an opportunity for you to come into perfect balance within yourself and in relation to the Universe before you start your work day.  Set yourself up for an amazing and productive day so that you will feel strong and grounded in everything you do. We will open the body to the breath, warming up with gentle movement, concluding with deep healing relaxation.  Chakras aligned, check! Can’t help feeling beautiful.

Musical Yoga for Memory

Interactive music and meditative movement for people with memory loss and their care partners.  Chair yoga, practiced while seated to accommodate physical limitations, regenerates brain cells, improves cognitive functioning and coordination, alleviates anxiety.  Care partners participate for free. Wheel chair accessible! This fun and relaxing class is offered by holistic memory care specialist and experienced yoga teacher/musician Rosie Rain as a private session only and can be purchased for $70 in the “Purchase” portion of this website.  YOGA+MUSIC=BRAIN HEALTH!

Pranayama and Meditation with Sound Healing

Open up the flow of life force energy through the breath with ancient/timeless meditative deep breathing practices for purification, oxygenation, clarity, and strength, followed by a deep relaxation sound healing experience.  True power = connect with the Universal life force energy!

Yoga Basics

Learn the foundations of yoga from the ground up, including sacred postures (asanas) with proper breath and alignment, cultivating awareness and presence through meditative practice.  No experience necessary! Learning yoga is fun with Rosie Rain :) Includes gong bath savasana.

Sunday Morning Yoga Church

Offer up your prayers and honor the Divine with sacred songs of devotion, pranayama meditations, sun salutations and meditative vinyasa, an intuitive, graceful, free-flowing thread of postures practiced as a prayer like a slow dance, giving thanks for the breath to the Great Spirit Source of all Life.  Includes Venus gong bath savasana.

Goddess Gathering Women’s Circle

Friday is ruled by Venus, and this circle is held on the first Friday of every month to remind us to put ourselves first as givers and protectors of life.  Each gathering is an opportunity to connect and network with a spiritual community of women, to empower each other and support each other as a sacred circle of friends.  A healthy, alcohol-free version of ladies’ night out. Includes kundalini yoga for women’s health and beauty, Venus gong healing, sharing songs and dance, tea and conversation.

Gentle meditative Yoga

The simplest yoga postures and breathing practices can be everything we need in the moment, the most accessible and the most profound, setting you up in the most comfortable way for connection with the infinite source of peace within you. This is a relaxing, slow paced class for all levels of experience including beginners, a great class choice for people with pain or limited mobility. Includes gong healing savasana. I hope this uplifting and supportive class will be the highlight of your day :)

beautiful body yoga workout

Create the body you want with this energizing, spiritual yoga workout for abdominal strength and full body toning. This class regulates the metabolism and balances the glands and hormones, enhancing your natural radiance, which is your beauty, encouraging confidence and self love. According to yoga your age is determined by the flexibility of your spine. A beautiful life= a beautiful spirit, mind and body. Bless the world with your presence and your ability to inspire and uplift others with your light. Beginners welcome! Includes Venus gong healing savasana.

2019 Sacred Sound Weekly Schedule