“My purpose as your teacher is to guide you to come fully into this precious moment, and to remind you of who you are beyond this body and mind.  Each class is a journey deeper within.” 

Rosie Rain ~ Ramdeep Kaur


Born into a musical family, I am a singer/songwriter/pianist, and I play many other instruments. I lead drum circles and offer gong healing meditation sessions. Through my kundalini yoga training I have studied naad yoga, the yoga of sound, and I offer my presence in this world and all of my music as sound healing, because the vibration I radiate, the vibration I AM is a song.  I am a Reiki master teacher, and I have been practicing yoga and energy healing for over twenty years. I am an experienced yoga teacher trained in Iyengar based hatha yoga and kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. As a former preschool teacher I have become an experienced children's yoga and music teacher, and have also completed the prenatal and street yoga trainings for survivors of trauma, abuse, addiction, and homelessness.  With several years of experience learning ashtanga yoga as my inspiration, I presently love to practice intuitively guided yoga dance in nature as an improvisational flow from the heart. Nature is my guru. I honor the Great Spirit in all things. I live close to Lake Michigan so that I can meditate on the beach every day, even in winter, because I love the earth and I want to be a part of the healing of the earth, which is why I teach yoga.

I am a mother of three teenagers, and I gave birth to all of my babies at home in water, in a state of yoga.  I raised them with all natural medicine, organic food, and the fresh air and sunshine of the high desert mountains of Taos, New Mexico, where I owned a vegetarian middle eastern cafe with my former husband.  In 2015 I completed my bachelor of science in holistic wellness, specializing in the encouragement of creative expression in all forms including music, movement, art, writing, and puppetry. I love to dress up and engage people of all ages in fun, creative adventures such as songwriting and storytelling.  I specialize in creative engagement for people with memory loss, and I particularly enjoy working with elders teaching yoga and drumming and wellness.

My favorite part of my work is laughing with my students, it gives me great joy to see people having fun in my classes.  By sharing my passion for creative living, I believe that one of my gifts is to help others to discover their own.

Why I Teach Yoga

I have many yoga certifications, but in truth my training comes from the Divine, in every experience, especially that extra vertebrae I was born with which has caused me great pain all my life, but also led me to yoga in 1996, when I was searching for relief and hoping to avoid the surgery which my doctor recommended.  This vertebrae has been a gift of daily pain which constantly returns me to yoga.  It literally forces me to be happy, for when I am yoga, I am balance, and yoga has freed me to connect and interact with all my relations from my heart in a deep and grounded way which radiates from my connection with Spirit and Self Love. Through Kundalini Yoga I was given my spiritual name Ramdeep Kaur, which means Light of God Divine Lioness Princess. You can call me Ram for short. Ram was an avatar, God embodied, who came down to Earth to remind us of our Divine nature, which is why I teach yoga.

Also, I am so inspired by my daily morning practice, I truly wish everyone could experience this support that is always available. To me, it is an essential part of existence, and I pray that all of my students will learn to love yoga as much as I do. For years I had a quote on my wall which I copied down from somewhere; “Vinyasa is an improvisational flow from the heart.” I kept that quote on my wall until I fully realized what it meant, and that is how I practice yoga today, as a dance expressing gratitude, connecting with nature as a prayer, singing songs of harmony.

My Body is My Guru

        Did you know that guru means “that which transforms you from darkness into light”?

I am a dancer, and my body is my guru. I want the Creator to see me dancing and say, "I'm so happy you love the body I gave you." One of my favorite things in life besides making stuffed animals talk is to explore my body through movement. I love doing yoga barefoot on my bike in short shorts on the way to the beach. I LOVE having a physical body, and self care is really important to me. I’ve been vegetarian for 26 years, and I used to own a very popular vegetarian/organic middle eastern cafe in the high desert mountains of Taos, New Mexico with my former husband. Because I love having a physical body, naturally I have a passion for fashion, especially vintage clothing, but my latest and greatest fashion statement is playing the harmonica wherever I go. It’s a form of pranayama and it brightens up the world!    

My spiritual practice is in the full experience of my humanity and my willingness to be authentic in every situation, because who I am in this every day existence is the light and joy of my soul. I want to impress my soul with my courage and kindness, my compassion as deep as the ocean. I want my Soul to say, "I'm proud of you, look how human you are, look at the depth of your feelings!" 


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Music is My Lifestyle

I play the piano, accordion, harmonium, gong, hand drums, and even a little bit of mountain dulcimer and guitar. Creating meditative space music on my electronic keyboard is one of my favorite ways to explore the universe. New music flows through me constantly; sometimes I feel like I’m channeling my songs, like Spirit just gives them to me. I love to sing for the birds and trees down by the water where I have a few meditation spots which have now become Divine Love energy vortexes.

Born into a musical family, I was raised on hymns, folk, and simple blue grass sounds.

My grandfather was a preacher who played the piano, mandolin, guitar, and drums. I learned how to play the piano by listening to him play as a kid, and his humility and simplicity had a profound influence on my life and music. My grandma Rose had a beautiful voice to match her heart for God, and since her passing, one of the things I miss most is hearing her sing to Jesus. Our family gatherings were, and still are, spiritual musical gatherings. Sitting around the living room singing hymns and playing music together is how we’ve lived our days, and those memories eventually led me home to mantra when I became a yoga teacher.

Back in the day my mom played the banjo, and my sister and I both played piano and fiddle. Both of my parents played guitar, and their closest friend Rick Eckert was a phenomenal lead guitarist. I grew up with a band in my living room, and sometimes they let me play the piano with them. My mother Peggy James became a well known country singer/songwriter in the Milwaukee music scene in the 90’s, and as a teenager I remember tripping out on the oriental rug with my friends while she practiced with her band. Her extremely talented guitarist Jim Eannelli later became her husband and recorded my mantra meditation album “Morning Star Sadhana” in his basement recording studio.

“Morning Star Sadhana” was recorded in real time, without the use of computers. The chanting is live prayer, and is not perfect by any means! It is a recording of devotion in action. It is merely a love offering, just like everything else I do in my life.